Treasure Hunting Mini Tour

My parents gave me something when I was a little girl. They gave me my first taste of the thrill of the hunt. And boy did it ever stick with me. I truly love searching for antique treasures and have an unstoppable drive to find the coolest dusty, rusty gem.  They really instilled in me a love of the old, the used, the time worn, and the discarded. That love has never ended.

I remember being only ten years old or so and going to the Raleigh, NC Fairgrounds hunting for antique clocks with my dad. He collected antique clocks. Mantle clocks, banjo style, swing style and even little alarm clocks. When we found one he was looking for we loved to talk with the vendor to hear the history and get the story behind the craftsmanship and the style. That was vital to understanding and knowing his new found piece.

My mom on the other hand loved to find antique kitchen items. She had a vintage counter mount meat grinder, old manual coffee grinders and to this day still has one of the first Betty Crocker cookbooks. Those pieces being in her kitchen always gave it such a warm and timeless feeling.

I have spent many a Saturday digging for treasures at flea markets, fair grounds, thrift stores, salvage yards and antique malls. I truly believe items from the past hold such rich character and display a glimpse into much gentler times. There is a purity to the past that needs to be remembered. Things, even ideas, long forgotten that need to be brought back to life. 

I love incorporating old items into my home. I love pieces that make people stop and ask about its history. I really believe old and vintage pieces build story upon story for your home. They give it a unique interest all the while making it super comfortable.

Over the years I have captured some of my favorite pieces and displays and I thought I would take you on a mini photo tour to see some of them. Hope you enjoy! 

This is my daughter Ella and me at a flea market.  I want to teach her the fun and value in loving the old. She is hooked too! She loves vintage toys and cat figurines. 

I absolutey adore anything with blue birds. This sweetie came home with me! 

Incredible doors from Italy! Are they stunning or what?!

I am still grieving leaving this pew behind! I should have grabbed her up! 

I swear…I would have 100 vintage scales if I could! Just a little addicted to these guys. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour! I would love if you shared your treasures and stories with me. 🙂

Have a beautiful day!


New Life from Layers

I was recently asked to refinish a little side table that had forty years of use and multiple layers of cracking paint on it. I got really excited to take on a job like this because it was a chance for me to try a stripping product I had been reading about online.

In various blogs and painting forums I have been reading about a great furniture stripping product. Comments like, “little to no odor”, “blew through layers of paint”, “I can use it in my house without obnoxious fumes”.  So, I had to see for myself. Well, let me tell you – this sweet orange scented stripper did just exactly all that and then exceeded my expectations with how easy it is to use. I highly recommend this product.

It is called Citristrip. Many of you already know of it but if you don’t it is a must try! Citristrip is super powerful yet it contains no methylene chloride. It is a gel so it easily clung to all surfaces of this table and it completely blew through three layers of paint in less than thirty minutes. 

It is non-caustic – so it is great for indoor use. It doesn’t really have a smell at all other than a slight orange scent. Citrus is my favorite scent in absolutely anything so it really put me in my happy place. It is also biodegradable. 

To me, the  perfect stripping product. 

Look at that! A little final clean up with mineral spirits and she was ready to be sealed.

Stripping furniture is no fun at all. Messy, sticky and gloppy (gloppy is a word right?) but if you have to strip a piece – CitriStrip is the real deal! So easy to use  – and it leaves the exposed wood in great shape too! But like with all stripping agents you will need the proper clothes protection, gloves and eyewear – so please read the label! 

After sealing this cutie she was ready to go in my clients new study. I love the beautiful wood that is now bringing some rich depth to the room. 

You can purchase Citristrip at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Sherwin-Williams, Home Depot – just to name a few. Check out Citristrip’s website for more information and suppliers.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day.

~ Tricia